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Music and dance

The oldests peruvian music, is the andean music, and it is estimated to be 7000 years old. This music is played at all kinds of arrangments, and many bars play live andean music. The musicians wear typical folkloric clothes and play instruments like the pan-flute, drums, and guitars. This music always has its special folkloric dance. By the coast the most typical music is guitar-music, inspirerd by spanish and african rythms. The most famous dance is "La Marinera" from Trujillo in the north coast. The modern music played at bars, discos etc, comes from all latinamerica, where Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia is most popular. Peru is most famous for the Tecnocumbia, which is like a Cumbia techno-remix. Also latinamerican pop-music is very popular all over Peru. The most famous peruvians pop-artists, are Libido and Gian Marco. The latinamerican romantic athmosphere is always present in all parts of Peru, and its easy to fall in love with someone to a soft ballad in spanish.


In Peru you will find all kind of handycraft money can buy, for example carpets, clothes, alpacka-clothes and andean clothes. There are many different kind of decoration, made of ceramics, stone, wood or metal, often made in inca-style. The creativity is endless. Jewelry made of gold, silver and valuable stones is very popular as well. Handmade paintings with beautiful motives are easy to find. Funny things like inca-chess, instruments etc. could also be a nice additional to your souverneer collection.


The best consereved pre-columbian architecture is to be found in Machu Picchu, but there are also many other well conserved monuments from the incas, mainly in the areas around Cusco, but also in other cities there are interesting rests of precolumbian civilizations like for example Trujillo or Chiclayo. From the colonial time there are also a lot of interesting architecture. The beautiful churches, cathedrals and monastries are the most impressive. Around Plaza de Armas in Lima and in the Barranco district, there are many interesting colonial buildings.


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