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Peru is without doubt one of the most fascinating of south america, and has some of the most important cultural attractions in the world. Therefore its concidered a diverse country, rich in culture and traditions.

Peru has a large territory, and is amoung the 19 biggest countries in the world. The three natural regions, coast, mountain and rain forest, make the country very varied geograpically. It has a great scenerys like the lovely beaches, and the deserts at the coastline, the fertile valleys, and the enormeous mountain tops covered in snow in the Andes, and in the rain forest, its nature with a great variety of flora and fauna.

In all the country you find arqueolical tresures, that reveal the great variety of cultures that have existed in the Peruvian territory. For example the most important culture of the andes, the Incas,lived here. They had as its headquarter, the sacred city of Cusco, now known as the Arqueological capital of America. They have left us a great number of stone construcitons that prooves their existence in the andean area, and the most important is the fascinating forgotten city, Machu Picchu.


Country´s name     República del Perú
Area     1,285,216 kilometers
Capital     Lima
Inhabitants     27 millions
Boarders     Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia
Laguages     Español, Quechua, Aymara
Currency     Sol (US $1 = 3.5 soles)
Political System     Democratic Republic
President     Alan García
Religion     Catholics 90%, Protestant, Judes and Native Religions
Country code (ph)     +51 

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