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Arequipa is located in the sout h of Peru near the boarder to Bolivia and Chile, and is the second biggest y second most important city of Peru. At the bottom of the 5822 meter high vulcano " El Misti " lies Arequipa on 2300 meters above sea level. Arequipa means "here i will stay", and the name came from when the incas used their strategy to move people around the country when they turned rebels in order to always maintain control over the conquisted areas.

When the incas conquisted parts of what today is Chile, they brought the rebels towards Cusco, but on the way they found a fertile valley and the prisoners asked the inca to stop there to establish a community.

The inca accepted and said in Quetchua " Ari quepay " that means "Here I will stay", and the city Arequipa was founded. Later on Arequipa has been destroyed by a terrible earthquake in 1968.

And in modern times the city has been a victim to natural disasters, like the strong earthquake in 1960 who caused big damage.

Among the peruvians arequipa is known as the "white city"and also as the most beautfiul city of peru. The white houses dominating the city are made of a special vulcanic stone.

When you visit the city, you´ll find out that your not alone. This place is a very popular touristic destination, and has many interesting attractions. The most interesting ones are Monasterio de Santa Catalina , one of the most fascinating religous buildings in latinamerica, that housed about 450 nuns, and inside the convent it´s almost like a small city. Another one is the highclass area of yanahuara where you find churches a memorial monument and a gorgeous view over the city with Misti in the background.

There are also other interesting colonial buildings, churches, a rt galleries, museums, that is worth a visit. Arequipa is world famous in Peru for its excellent food, and it´s served at elegant and charming restaurants,and the prices are reasonables. Sweets chocolate are also a must trying here.

The peruvians comes from all parts of the country to by their chocolate and other sweets here.

In the areas around Arequipa there are many interesting places for the tourist, like some national parks, beaches, the villages outside the city, but the most spectacular scenery you find in Cañon del Colca - Colca Canyon , which is one of the deepest valleys in the world. It has a maximum hight-difference 1500 meters between the highest and the lowest point in the valley. Going to Colca is a wonderful natural experience, as well as cultural.

On the way you will pass the highest point at 4800 meters above sea level, watching Vicuñas passing by, and arriving the valley

you will learn about the culture in the small villages here, in harmony with a beautiful landscape. The river Colca runs through the valley and is perfect for going white water rafting. It´s a rough river and its recommended to have experience to go rafting here. At a viewpoint at one of the deepest points of the valley you will se the mighty condor hunting every morning. Another special thing in this valley is the natural termal baths, where hot water comes from the ground and running down the hillside. Its recommended to try a bath in the pools specially made for this purpose (It gets you younger).

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