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Chiclayo is the city of the witches in Peru. From here comes the shamans and the healer originally. Chiclayo is also one of the most important commercial cities in Peru.

They call it a mini-Lima because of all the traffic and commerce there is. It is a city of more than 400 000 inhabitants and besides Trujillo is the most important city in the north.

In the ancient time Chiclayo was dominated by the Moche culture, and it has been found one of the oldest mummies from this period, Señor de Sipan .

This excavation now has its own muesum, which is very interesting, Tumbas Reales. There you will find all the excavations from the toombs of Señor de Sipan .

From this toomb the historians have found out a lot about how the Moche-culture degenerated.

Outside Chiclayo is a smaller town, Lambayeque . In the ancient time there was an advanced culture named Lambayeque (or Sican ) here. Today the rests of the place can be observed in Tucume , which is a complex of pyramides. This place was in bigger scaled excavated by the norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl . He is a popular man in this area bringing the fame of Tucume , and he recieved a medal of honor from the ex-president of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, for his work.

Los pyramides of Tucume had full inside infrastructure. This is illustrated in the museum located at the entrance of the Tucume area, and can also be observed from a viewpoint over the pyramides. The Lambayeque culture developed this society with its pyramides, but was later on conquisted by the Chimus, and then the incas, and finally by the spaniards.

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