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The Nazca Desert is a high plateau about sixty miles long and five miles wide on the

coast of Peru, some 250 miles south of Lima. At some time before 1000 BCE, the Nazca Valley was inhabited by a people who developed advanced farming methods that allowed them to build an irrigation system, improve their crops, and expand the area of land they could farm.

Over the next 1,500 years, they also developed outstanding skills in weaving, pottery, and architecture.

The Nazca were wiped out after the Spanish conquest, so that piece of history is quite blank. Perhaps the most fascinating of their cultural achievements was the creation of a remarkable ground art -- the exact purpose of which remains a mystery.

What makes Nazca so fascinating is the Nazca Lines , these huge figures "typed" on the mud ground, that still keep intact after thousands of years. Its one of the

worlds greatest mysteries, and the scientists always find more unaswered questions than answers. How was the lines created? For what purpose were they created? Who created them? There are many theories to these questions.

One of the most important scientists in development of theories about the lines is Maria Reiche , a german mathematic who dedicated big part of her life to study the phenomenon.

Many of her theories are based on that each of the figures represent a symbol of a calendar. She put up a lot of mathematic formulas to prove her theory, but it is not fully recognized.

Most theories are based on that the Nazca-people created them, but how? Some theories say they put up poles in the ground and digged after the shadows. Others say they were made as a result of a religious ritual, walking around in patterns, and

the only ones who could see their figures were their gods from above. Because another thing is that the figures does not make any sence from the ground, it can only be seen from the air. But if this is not mysterious enough, then explain how they could make a monkey-figure, when the monkeys only lives in the jungle far away from Nazca, or a humming-bird, or an astronaut.

Another enigma is how the lines can keep intact after so many years with strong winds and water running through the mud. The lines are NOT deep.

All these doubts has made many people believe it has to be extraterrestrial phenomenon, and different alternative organizations have made their own theories how the lines was "printed" on the earth-ground. The only answer we can give to all this is: GO TO NAZCA AND MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND .

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