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Paracas is about 235 kilometres south of Lima and it is the most important natural reserve along Peru's coastline. This is a well protected natural paradise where the desert sand reveals treasures from the old civilisations. Paracas national park is the most important natural reserve in Peru and one of the best in the world.

With beautiful beaches, a unique fauna and a spectacular landscape makes Paracas a great highlight for every travellers. The weather here is pleasant and can be visited all year.

The national park huge variety of maritime species like birds, fish and sea-mammals

is a big attraction for many tourists especially nature-lovers. They are all impressed of the fauna around the area.

The peninsula of Paracas has also a very interesting landscape for geological scientists.

They have found out that this peninsula is a result of big mountains felled down in the ocean right here millions of years ago and this point is where the warm and the cold ocean-streams meet.

This has created optimal climatic circumstances for the fauna in the arera. Paracas is well known as "the pacific ocean´s lungs" for its pureness and also for the big amount of oxygen the water produce.

The nasjonalpark is divided into two zones, the maritme one and the terrestrial one. The maritime part is basically Islas Ballestas which is the crownjewel of the national park.

The islands are only accessible going on an authorised boat trip from the Paracas peninsula.

You will be able to watch a lot of very rare species like sealions, seals, pinguins, turtles and a huge variety of exotic birds, in harmony with a beatuiful scenery.

This area is highly protected because it is home for many threatened species.  

Besides the natural beauty of Paracas, the peninsula is a very important arqueological and historical area, where advanced inidian-cultures florished before the year 1000a.d. The Paracas-culture is world famous for it´s textiles, with its great color- and style- combinations. But the most stunning about the culture is how they were able to do complicated brain-surgery, and cranial-expansion. In the museum Julio C. Tello you will get to know how the Paracans lived illustrated by pictures, explanations and also by arqueological findings.

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