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Trujillo is one of the biggst cities in Peru, and is located in the north-coast. The sun always shine in Trujillo and it is summer all year.

The inhabitants are very proud of their city for their excellent adobe-constructions, buildt thousands of years ago by the Chimu and Moche Culture , for their big mansions from the colonial time, and for Perus national dance, Marinera, a dance filled with sensuality, and where the love is born.

Trujillo was founded in 1534, when the spaniards marched from the north towards Pachacamac (Lima). This area was in perfect to found a city, and they named it after the spanish city where the conqueror Fransisco Pizarro was born.

After the foundation of Trujillo, the city developed quickly to be the most important and modern city of Peru. With a great effort from the inhabitants, it was constructed big elegant houses with a characteristc architecture.

The most interesting about Trujillo comes from before the colonial times. In the Moche-valley is the city, Chan Chan , the capital of the kingdom of the great Chimu. It´s concidered the worlds biggest city made of adobe, and the archeological rests you can study here, can only be compared with Teotihuacan in Mexico and the old cities in Egypt.

The pyramide of the Sun and the Moon are other evidences of the greatness of the first inhabitants of the north-coast in the north - Peru.

The Pyramide of the Sun is 20 meters high, and can only be observed from outside, it is still no t excavated, but on the other hand the Pyramide of the Moon is excavated and it´s found many interesting findings. Here you can go inside the pyramide and observe the walls representing the rituals of the Moches.

Furthermore one should visit the 30 meter tall pyramide of adobe, "El Brujo", presumed to be buildt 15 centuries ago.

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