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Tours 16 Diás

 Our 16 days tour is the southern route of Peru , where we visit the most important touristic attractions in the area. The tour can be done in group or individually. When the group consist of more than 10 persons there will be a Tour Leader following the group during the whole trip in Peru, without any additional to the price. When there are less than 10 they will be received and taken care of in the best way of our professional staff and english-speaking guides. When there are less than 10 there is also possible to ask for a Tour Leader, but this means an additional to the prices mentiones below.
After the 16 days tour it is possible to add an Additional Package to the north of Peru or to the Amazone.
To book this 16 Days Tour click here .

The tour includes  :

* An english speaking Tour Conductor all the time in Peru (Optional)
* 14 nights in 3- and 4 stars hotels with breakfast included
* One night with family (Lago Titicaca), includes breakfast, lunch and dinner
* Transport in private busses Airports / Hotels
* Transport in private bus Lima – Ica / Ica – Arequipa / Arequipa – Puno / Puno - Cusco
* Flight Cusco / Lima
* Lunch in paracas
* All meals in Colca Canyon and on the islands of Lake Titicaca
* Buffet lunch in Sacred Valley and Aguas Calientes
* Tours with Professional Guides, transport and all the entries to these places:
* Lima ( Historical Centre) , The Catacumbs of San Francisco, Cathedral, etc.
* Huacachina – Ica ( Safari with Jeep )
* Paracas and Islas Ballestas
* Nazca flight over the lines
* Arequipa ( Cañon del Colca )
* Lake Titicaca
* Cusco ( Valle Sagrado )
* Machu Picchu
The tour does NOT include  :

    * Internacional Flight (Flight to/from country of origen)
    * Local airport-taxes (Appr. US $ 40)
    * Lunch- and dinnermeals not specified above


The group is recieved by the Tour Conductor at the airport Jorge Chavez in Lima , Peru ,and taken by our shuttle bus to Hotel, located in Miraflores, a modern and commercial district of Lima.
Later on we go visiting Larcomar, a modern commercial center with cinemas, restaurants, games, bowling, bars and discos, and with a beautiful panoramic view over the Pacific Ocean.


In the morning our private bus will pick us up at the hotel to do the city tour in downtown " Lima " .
A professional guide will give you all necessary informacion in english in every one of the attractions we visit. We will amoung others visit the Cathedral, the Parliament building, the Catacumbs of San Francisco and Cerro San Cristobal where you can get a panoramic view over the whole huge city of Lima, that has a population of seven million inhabitants.

We go south towards the city of " Ica " . In the afternoon we will go on a Safari with Jeeps, in the desert just outside Ica.
The Safari starts at the lagoon of Huacachina which lies like an oasis in the desert, and where you will find a nice and relaxing athmosphere.
The jeeps will take you to some amazing spots in the desert, and at some of them you will have the chance to try the sandboard.
This is a summer-sport similar to snowboard. The jeep lets you off at the top of the hills, and picks you up in the bottom, while you go surfing in the sand.

From Ica we go to the National Park of Paracas .
In small boats we will be taken out to the fascinating " Islas Ballestas " , where your can ozbserve in full dimension the fauna on these spectacular islands decorated with birds, sea lions, pelicans and a lot of other rare species.
This place has for years been admired by tourist from all around the world.
In the afternoon we will go around on the terrestrial part of the national park, famous for its beautiful scenery and the very special Paracas Culture .

Foto: Jan Erik Johnsen

We go visiting the Nazca town, where you´ll find the world famous Nazca Lines . First the bus takes us around in the town, where we´ll see the sofisticated water conduitsm constructed thousand of years ago by the advanced Nazca - culture, that are still in use. We will also visit the very special cemetary and other specialities from this mystic town.
In the afternoon we offer an flight over the lines, where you can observe the impressing lines from the air, who each one represent different images. Even though the lines are more than 1000 years old they are still intact.
The Nazca Lines are still a great myth for the historians, and there are a lot of versions of how they were created.
Around midnight we catch a bus with good comfort, towards Arequipa. The trip lasts about 10 hours.

In the morning we will be served breakfast in the bus, and in the daylight we will see when we rise from the coast up to the Andes.
We arrive " Arequipa " around 10 am, and check in at the hotel.
Later that day we will go on a guided city tour in Arequipa where we will see the most important buildings, and we will have plenty of time in the impressive monastery of Santa Catalina.

  Foto: Jan Erik Johnsen

In the morning we go by bus to the Colca Canyon by bus, passing the highland.The highest point on the trip is 4800 meters, and its important to be prepared. On the way we pass by wild Vicuñas which is one of the national animals of Peru. Arriving Chivay, a small town in the valley, we get installed in an hotel.
Later on we go for a short walk in a spectacular scenery, and get to know the indigenous people in the highland. At night we eat at a restaurant with a folkloric show.

To begin with we go to one of the extremes of the valley, where the hight-difference between the highest and the lowest point is about 1500 meters, to watch the mighty Condor fly. Cañon del Colca is one of the worlds deepest valleys.
Later we go for a swim in the natural Termal Baths, with almost 30 degrees celcius. Finishing Cañon del colca we go back to Arequipa city to relax at the hotel.

In the morning we say goodbye to Arequipa and we begin the journey to the highplateau passing by the vulcanic mountains of the Andes on the way, ending up in Puno nearby the Titicaca lake, the highest navigable lake in the world.
This day we visit the Sillustani ruins, the huge toombs from the inca or the pre-inca sivilizations.
Every toomb is made by big rocks smoothly put together, which is the classic inca-architecture, but with a slight difference. Finally we go back to Puno, where we check into a hotel near to the lake. We recomend to take it easy this night, relax and try out the physical shape in the altitude (3800 masl).


DIA 10
From Puno we go by boat out to the islands of Lake Titicaca , to have an unforgettable cultural experience.First we visit the floating "Islands of Uros" , where we take a look how the people during centuries have been living on these artificial islands.
Later on we continue to the island, Amantani. Here you will stay with a familiy, and live like them for one day.
They will prepare the food, and you will take part in their unique culture that almost hasn´t changed since the first inhabitants settled here thousands of years ago.

DAY 11
After the breakfast with the family we will take farewell with them, and head on to Taquile.
This is an island with very special traditions and laws. We will walk around the island and learn about their culture. Here you will not find the same friendlyness as on Amantani, where they recieve the tourists with a lot of love and dedication. after lunch on Taquile we head back to " Puno " by boat, and then to the hotel to relax.

Dia 12

We take a good breakfast, before we go by bus to Cusco.
The busride takes about 7 hours, but it is a comfortable bus. We will stop at interesting spots en route. We arribe Cusco in the afternoon, and we do the checkin at the hotel.
The night is free to explore this beautiful city on your own.

DIA 13
In the afternoon we will go on a guided tour in Cusco . The bus will take you around in the narrow streets of the old Inca-capital. We will observe the excellent arquitecture of El Convento de Santo Domingo, an impressing mix of inca- and spanish colonial arquitecture.
We will also enter the great cathedral located in the main square of Cusco . Finally we will visit the impressing Inca Ruins like Sacsayhuaman ( photo ) and Quenco.


DIA 14
we will go on a guided tour to the famous "Sacred Valley of the Incas ". First we go by bus through the fertile valleys and hills, to see how the indigenous people through years has been able to survive, forcing mother earth to "produce".
We also go visiting the huge marked of Pisaq, where you can by all sort of handycrafts. Later we visit the fantastic inca-ruins in Ollantaytambo before we return to Cusco, passing by some traditional villages in the mountains.


DIA 15

We have saved the greatest highlight for last, Machu Picchu . We go by train through the sacred valley of the incas, towards Aguas Calientes. From there we head up to the top of the mountain where Machu Picchu is situated, one of the most spectacular areas of whole South America.
First we´ll have a guided tour inside the ruins, and later on you will have time to explore the masterpiece on your own.
The "lost" city was discovered by a American explorer Hiran Bingham in the year 1911. Untill then Machu Picchu was only a legend, everybody talked about. But Machu Picchu still hides lots of secrets and mysteries, on which the historians yet haven´t found a solid theory.


DIA 16

Free day in Cusco untill the flight of election to Lima. Here you can do shopping, visit museums or simply stroll around in this wonderful city. Later on is the flight to Lima, that matches with your international flight .

PERU REIER SAC , thank you for visiting Peru, and we will be waiting for you with the same cordiality in another oportunity, to explore other marvellous spots of our captivating land, Peru.


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