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Chrisitan, 23 years . Norway
After being in Peru for 10 days, I'm sitting here with a huge impression of what this country has to offer. Lima is a town you easily can get confused in, but with the right guide it seemed that this town had a lot to offer and even more than so well known cities in Europe . When we were in Cusco we were unlucky and got sick, but the services we got from the local people was over whelming. The crown jewel made the trip to Machu Picchu and I can not describe it when I got there. Never have I been on such as adventure to such a fascinating landscape and atmosphere such as this phenomenal place. I would say that Peru is a country I would like to go back to, as long as. I have the money. I would like to thank all who have made this trip for me.

Marian, 20 years, Norway
For me, Peru was a country that offered an adventure that only a 20 years old person could dream of. From busy Lima to the mystical Machu Picchu . I knew that Machu Picchu would be the biggest and the most interesting highlights, but I never thought that a landscape would make such an impression on me. In Cusco I was unlucky and got sick and had to go to the hospitality. Thanks to a very good tour guide I got see the most important things in the mountain city. Let me just say a few words about the people in Peru . They are open and friendly and every tourist is affected by that. Peru is one of the countries that would be worth visiting again.

Michael, 52 years, Norway
My impressions after 10 days in Peru are many. Peru is a country with many contrasts from the rich people to the pure poorness. The nature has also contrasts everything from beautiful beaches and desert in the south to idealic villages in the mountains. The people in Peru are very friendly and great service, more than you would expect. The hotels were of good quality and had good service. The culture of the Inca Indians and their way of life was very interesting. Special the old house construction with a special perfection of construction stonewalls. We saw many examples on this when we were in Cusco and in the forgotten city Macu Picchu . The memories after this trip is many, but still there is much more to explore in this fascinated country. So I would like to come back as soon as I can.

Torild , 57 years old, Norway
We arrived in Lima on 30.12.03. We had a stopover in Miami and there I got a problem with my back and had a lot of pain. I informed the tour leader in Peru Reiser about this. When I arrived in Lima he had already arranged a appointment with a very good chiropractor. We were in Lima for 3 days. We were sightseeing in Lima , which was a colourful town with many contrasts, from poor to rich people. We celebrated New Years here and it was a lot of fun. We travelled further by air to Cusco , a mountain village at a height of 3500 meters. This was an exiting Inka town. We were also in Machu Picchu . This was very fascinating to see and a very impresting town. I liked Cusco very much. Peru Reiser team also arranged a very good chiropractor here. Peru Reiser was very helpful. We had great tour leaders who were available to us all the time. All the hotels we stayed at were very good, and the service was exceptional. The food was great. I would love to take another trip with Peru Reiser !

Rolf and Aslaug , Norway
We are very satisfied with the trip but we have been a little sick. A lot of long bus rides, especially from Lima-Ica and Ica-Arequipa, but we saw a lot along the coast even though it was desert. There was a lot of good guiding. It was a highlight to see the famous lines in Nazca. The trip to Chivay and Canon del Colca was also a highlight. Experiencing the Titicaca lake, as we have read about, was also fine. Machu Picchu was one of the biggest highlight of them all!

Elsy , Norway
I had an amazing trip. The highlight of Machu Picchu was beautiful. The trip to Nazca, Chivay , Canon del Colca , and the Titicaca lake was also great. The guides were good and told us a lot. I would say that I have heard a lot about the country. I only have positive things to say about the company.

Aase , Norway
It's hard to express what the best highlights were on this trip. I am very impressed by what you have done and organised. There were some small things, but not much. There were many highlights on the coast, desert and fertile areas. We have seen the most important places in Peru . It is the first time I'm travelling with a group, and I must say it was a great experience. It was social, and agreable time and laughing. We have also been tired because of the high (tempo). But wow, I have thousands of memories and I hope we can meet in Lillesand in the end of June in my garden with shrimp, wine and a new oven. Machu Picchu was the big highlight. Thank you for a fantastic and wonderful trip.

Randi , Norway
At the moment we are sitting in a garden with music and happy people in Lima . We had a wonderful trip with a lot of highlights and good memories. There have been desert vigorous valleys, high mountains and long bus rides, but it was good with a little nap on the way. It has been many highlights. I would like to thanks Peru Reiser for this trip. You have been a pleasant group to be with and you have done a very good job for us. An excellent group to travel with. A beautiful country with many contrasts that make it exiting. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Tale, 17 years, Norway
I am very satisfied with the trip, and have seen many of the highlights of Peru . Many nice people and a great travel group.

Anne Britt and Ragnar , Norway
Thank you for many fulfilling days! Every day has been a great experience. We have been driving trough very different landscapes. The desert was fascinated, as well as seeing the green valleys. Volcanic mountains and snow-covered mountain tops. A huge spectre of beautiful flowers you saw when water earth and the warm weather meet together. And then there were the ruins from the Inca periods and a little from the Spanish period. But it is the Inca periods we searched for. Nazca (even to see the lines from the air was a little bit hard for some) with mummies and old pots, Arequipa with a nice hotel and an exiting cluster as our neighbour. Canon del Colca was a great two day's trip with warm baths, high moutons and cliffs that were close to the giant condor. Norma and the bus driver gave us some great days. Snowball war at 4800 meter with one of the charming local kids is a memory to take back. To feel the water on Titicaca lake. Swinging forward on one of the Uros island. A silent trip on a boat made of rushes, powerful. The Tauile church after a rainfall- was amazing to be apart and to see the local people in the finest cloths, smiling and chewing of coca leaves. Don't except them with your hands. Cusco offering a lot of history . The Inca museum was very interesting . The last day: Machu Picchu was so enormous as the thought has given it. Fantastic to see these ruins. Thanks for memory's days with a nice group of tour leaders with tourists.

Marie, Holland/Norway

It's hard to put words on all the feelings at the trip. I have been afraid (jeep safari in the desert), sick, very touch by the entire children destiny etc. It has been to many experience on a short time. I have missed my family, but find a little composition in new friends in the group. I would specially thanks Andre and Henrik for taking care of me. They are very good to take care of people. Thank you for many great expiries and a especially thanks to Maries.

Mareis , Holland/Norway

Thank you for many great and wonderful expiries. You in Peru Reiser have been very good to ask us how we feel and how we were doing and you have given me a lot of ( omsorg ). This will give me strength when the normal days are coming.

Villy , 70 years and Bjoerg 64 years, Norway

The country and the trip have been very impressive and a great experience. We wish Peru Reiser good luck, you deserve the best.

Kåre and Berit, Norway

Well, where do we begin....? During these 21 days we have the feeling of have seen and participated in almost everything a country can offer. -coast, big city, the Andes, Lake Titicaca with three island-visits, Machu Picchu, jungle, boatride on Amazonas that we will never forget +++.

Allthough we have travelled a lot, almost everything has gone as planned. PERU REISER with local operators have done their job in an excellent way!

Hotels and food has been of very high standard in all the places we have been.

To point out some "great" highlights, it has to be the overnight stay at the indian family on Amantani on Lake Titicaca, the incredible Nazca Lines - and of course Machu Picchu.

Big hug from Berit S. Larsen and Kåre Pettersen.

PS! Travelling to Peru in July/August gives a pleasant weather- and temperature experience. Recommended.

Morten, Norway

ICA, Jeep-safari, incredibly cool. The oasis that appeared was totally awesome. Paracas bird-mountains was some kind of a sight, took 110 pictures, could have been more.
Cusco was a charming city, beautiful and wonderful, watch the big inca rocks, the biggest weighed 250 tons. Machu Picchu was a sight. One of the most beautiful places I have been, and I have travelled a lot.

You just have to see and experience the Uros-islands
Everything has worked out 100 %

Luz Anyela, Colombia

Among the 2 trips we had within Peru with tourist-attractions, I enjoyed most of all the following places: ICA, for its beauty in the desert and the jeep-safari. CUSCO, for being the nicest city, clean and tidy, the multitude of places where I got new knowledge about the Inca-culture, because this culture has its origin in this region. MACHU PICCHU, the majestous Inca-castle, PISAQ for its wonderful handycraft-market.

The tours were very well organized, and all the way we got help from the people from Peru Reiser, who organized every excursion, the reception, as well as follow us to the next point in the program. I enjoyed every excursion, and I never had to worry about the coordination of the excursions, nor bus-itineraries, nor flight-confirmation etc. I could spend 100 % of the time just to experience, learn, and enjoy.

Jim og Beate, Norway

Lima, Saturday 5.feb.2005
Then was our 3 weeks trip almost over. Peru has given us incredibly many varied and great experiences. The country can offer almost everything, from beach-life to nature of all kind, and a lot of culture.

The staff of Peru Reiser and their operators have given us an outstanding service and they taken care of us everywhere we have been.

Wenche og Ragnfrid, Norway

Lima, Saturday 5.february.2005
This has been a fantastic experience. The highlights have stood “in line”, with a stay in the jungle of Amazonas and tour to the Amantani-island as some of the great experiences. We think we have been lucky with the most of the guides. They have given everything of themselves, and we felt that all of them were one of the “natives” everywhere we came. We have been well taken care of everywhere, and felt a great security because of that. This is a trip that we can recommend to friends and people we know. Thank you very much for a phenomenal vacation, and good luck in the future .

Inger og Olav, Norway

Lima, Sunday 20/02-2005
We have had the pleasure to stay 10 days in Peru where Peru Reiser has done 70 % of the tour. (But it feels like 100 %). Its not often that you can say that everything goes well, this includes guides to the sacred valley and Machu Picchu, waking ups, transfers to trains and planes – In Cusco as well as in Lima. But this time everything has been optimal.
The museum-visit in Lima was fantastic and informative. It was also very nice to get to know Andre / Peru Reiser. They do a great job, and can be recommended to everyone. Good luck in the future.

Kim Ivar, Norway

Lima 12/03-05
Thank you for a great trip, this has been a great trip. I will miss Peru and I will come back soon. Thanks to you guys in Peru Reiser.

Robin, Norway

Lima 12/03-05
First of all I would like to thank you for an adventure of a holiday. A lot of action and culture. I loved the sandboard, but I did not like all the sand in all the holes ? Amazonas was an incredible adventure that I never will forget. The visit of Machu Picchu was huge, but a little to short. The wish of coming back is big, and that is thanks to Peru Reiser. Thank you guys for a great vacation.

Sondre, Norge

Peru was excellent. Here I would like to come back. Machu Picchu, which was the “goal” fulfilled the expectations, and that did the rest of the tour too. Colca Canyon, Cuzco, Inca Trail, Sacred Valley, Huaraz. Everything was very good. Puno got a little shortened because of strike, but thanks to very nice and helpful people in Cusco, I could have a short view of Titicaca anyway. 16 brilliant days.

Hilde og Jan Ivar

Lima, 24.06.05
Thank you very much for impressive organization and following up during the 14 days we have spent in the adventure-country Peru. We have really appreciated the personal contact and the following up we have received, calming and comfortable. And most of all the accessibility; If we had some questions, important or less important, we got response immediately – we felt like kings ?

Other things to comment is that we did the trip Lima-Paracas-Ica-Nazca, plus the “highlight” Machu Picchu and Cusco. We also travelled to Puno and saw the beautiful lake Titicaca with its famous Uros-islands, and the Taquile-island – don't miss it.

At last, additional to the excellent following up by Andre, the coordination with other operators, guides etc. have been done very satisfactory; we felt like “home” with “our own tour” in Cusco.
Could have said so much more, I am full of compliments, but we will shorten it to: DO NOT DOUBT TRAVELLING WITH THIS COMPANY, impossible to be disappointed.

Now we continue to Brasil, and say thanks for us for this time – but we´ll be back!
PS: Andre has an impressive knowledge about the history, and social situation of Peru, and good local knowledge about the different places. Just try him!

Sidsel og Svein, Norge

Cusco 29/09-05
This has been the trip with most experiences we have ever had, and it is hard to emphasize the attractions, because it has been so interesting and different. We have had an experience for our lives. Thanks, Andre.

Veslemøy, Norway

Thanks for an incredibly great trip. To experience a country´s culture in a way like this has been an experience. It is hard to emphasize something in special. Just to feel the people have been great. I look forward to get home to accommodate the impressions.
Olav, Norway
This has been a very good trip, sometimes tighten, felt that you always were there.

Per, Norway

Cusco 23.9.05
“THE GRINGO TRAIL” fits for all ages. An apparently tough itinerary, considering the age, was all fine because of the breaks that made the trip easy to realize. Technical problems during the trip were solved by Peru Reiser in an excellent way. The impressions were many, and sometimes intense; I, as a pilot, was especially happy about watching the condor in flying free in their own habitat in the Colca Canyon. The highlight was still Machu Picchu. The experiences there were worth the trip alone. I wish Peru Reiser all the best for the future, and that the coming tours get full-booked, they deserve that!

PER GRAM, PILOT, 60 YEARS, experienced traveller

Åshild, Norway

The stay in Peru has been incredibly varied and full of experiences, way beyond what I expected. A country with many experiences beyond what I knew about. Absolutely recommendable for other travellers with curiosity of South-America.

Tone og Peter, Norway

Around in Peru sept 23- oct 4
We were well received by Mario and a guide when we arrived Lima. Then it was straight to the hotel to sleep, because we were going to Cusco the next day. Here we got to see some parts of the city, with Machu Picchu as the great highlight. The trip went on to Ica, and Nazca-lines, where we received good service again. The Nazca-lines were fantastic. We returned to Lima to go further on to Iquitos and the jungleadventure. Here we fished piranhas, and since I couldn´t see the three toed sloth, they climbed up and brought it down to me. Fantastic. All the guides we had were fantastic. I have never been taken so well care of anywhere else in the world. I can strongly recommend Peru. The only “but” was that the boat-trip that was supposed to take 3 hours took us 7 ½ because the water-level was low, but that was also an experience. We had to get out and walk, and somebody in the boat when we passed the worst places. Thanks a lot Peru Reiser. Now we continue to Galapagos.

Steinar og Bodil, Norway

We arrived Cusco, participated in the city tour and excursion to the sacred valley of the Incas. After that we took train to KM 104 and walked the short incatrail. We reached the sun-gate and there were fog over Machu Picchu, but suddenly the fog disappeared and Machu Picchu appeared. A fantastic view. We had a fantastic day in Machu Picchu the day after, and climbing up to Huayna Picchu was absolutely worth the struggle. Fantastic trek and view.

Further on we went by bus from Cusco to Puno, where we went by boat out to the floating Uros-islands which was a world of its own, fantastic. The boat took us further on to Amantani, where we got lodged at a nice family´s house. It felt like being put 300 years back in time. Absolutely recommendable. Then we caught a plane to Iquitos and a small motor-boat 130 kilometers inside Amazonas where we stayed at a very cosy lodge. We even had our own shower (cold though) and toilet. Very hot and humid in the rainforest, but many fantastic experiences, included piranha-fishing and canoa-trip at night with fireflies and the jungle-sound to look for caimans. We also had 1 day in Lima, Miraflores that was great. The markets in Miraflores were also worth a visit, if you haven't had enough of it.

All the guides on the tours were fantastic and had good knowledge about what they were talking about. Everybody that were supposed to meet us at the different places were there on time, and all information were good with this. Peru Reiser have done a great job, and we can recommend them strongly. Thanks for an experience we will never forget.

Reidar, Norway

After an ok flight to Lima, and overnight we went to Puno. The altitude-difference was significant for most of us. Still the tour on the Lake Titicaca, with a night at an Indian family´s house on Amantani-island, became a highlight. The busride Puno-Cusco had many interesting stops. The next day we did an excursion in the sacred valley of the Incas – another great highlight. The next days we stayed in Cusco, while the others did the incatrail. The weather changed from sunny days to cloudy and rainy days. The ones doing incatrail felt it more than us. We had plenty of time to visit beautiful churches and museums in Cusco. We had really looked forward to the journey by train and bus to Machu Picchu. The first sight of MP was huge. We also had an interesting guided tour. At night we met the rest of the group, they had loosen up their stiff muscles in the thermal waters of Aguas Calientes. The chip in my digital camera had to be changed, 512 MB had given me 500 pictures so far. After the return to Lima, most of the group went on jungle-safari. That was very successful according to the participants with crocodiles and snakes. Four of us went to Ica and stayed at a classic hotel between the sand-dunes near an oasis. Tour with terrain-car in the sand-dunes was a great experience including stomach-sliding. The next day we flew over the Nazca-lines. Now it is the last day in Lima – We will visit the anthropologic museum after the city tour. We have had a wonderful visit with a lot of experiences, together with a nice group. Everything has worked out, but a better program for acclimatization should be considered. Thanks for good preparation, Andre!

Berit og Stein, Norge

The people from Norrøna will travel.
The Easter 06 flew the bird, Oslo –Lima
A quick change, to Puno and Titicaca, thin air, knocking heads.
Indian reed-island-culture exciting
Hospitable Indians made the trip worthwhile on Titicaca-island.
Bus through highmountain-passes to Cusco, the bellybutton of the world.
Inkatrail, Machu Picchu fantastic.
Impressive Nazca-lines.
Great fauna at guano-islands.
Nice group of travellers
We recommend the tour to others

Ruurd and Ank, Norway

At the airport, ready to leave.
I am happy that we are going for a few days to Bonaire, so we can “digest” all the experiences and contrasts we have seen.

Incredible the rich inca-culture, how they built rocks upon rocks, all the temples and stairs, and on the hand the poverty we saw in Puno, Cusco and Lima. We hope that the new government will get the poor people out of the slum, and that they will make a better health-system. But it is a long way.

The trip at night in the jungle was fantastic. In the middle of the night, in the middle of the bush, searching for caimans. The stay at Amantani and the inca-trail – we have great memories. Everything was organized in a fantastic way. Remember to click into:
Thanks Andre (and Henrik in the backstage)

Tom and Siw, Norway

Thank you very much for a great stay and fantastic experiences in Peru. After a long flight we were received on the airport in Lima. Andre presented us for the rest of the group. It became a very good and friendly group, who spent a really good time together. We experienced the Peru´s completeness with coast, high mountains and jungle. A country with great variety, both geographical and cultural. Siw, Magnus and I have had a full packed program where we had new experiences and impressions all the time. The altitude in the Andes was a challenge, particularly for Siw and me. When we went up the stairs at the hotel in Cusco, we got problems with the respiration, and we thought that we were in good shape.

After a while we got used to the altitude, and when the incatrail started we were acclimatized. On beforehand we thought that the people in Peru were “Macho”, but that was wrong, when we met friendly, almost submissive, and hospitable Indians.

The jungle-adventure near Iquitos was a very special experience. We met people who lived in harmony with the nature, with interesting knowledge that they informed to us. Lima was also a great experience for us. A fantastic city where we would like to have more time to explore. Finally I would like to congratulate Andre for the great job he has done as Tour Conductor during the whole trip, and thank you very much for a nice visit of the house of Vicky, J. Enrique and Andre.

Magnus, Norway

This is an awesome country!
Cheap beer, drinks and free drinks.
Many beautiful women. Delicious to try my first beer.
The food is exactly fitted to my taste so have to return.
Ill be back

Thore, Norway

Then was the trip finished and I have a lot of impressions. I must say that I am very positively surprised about the nature and the people. The program with Peru Reiser has worked out 100 % and I look forward to get home to work with this tourist-destination to travellers in Norway. Since I came a little before the rest of the group I had the time to visit Ica and Nazca too, which was also very interesting.
I look forward to a good teamwork in the future with Andre and the others in Peru Reiser .

Kari, Norway

Hi! This is a nice task. We have had a fantastic tour, thanks to the program which has worked out perfectly. We have been so well taken care of, and we are very grateful for the following-up from Andre.

Johan, Norway

We have had fantastic experiences and informative days in this exiting cultural country. This is because of very good organization and following-up by Andre and Peru Reiser.

Bjørn and Kirsten, Norway

Our tour to Peru wasn't like planned. After Nazca, Arequipa, Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca Bjørn got ill of the altitude in Cusco. There were three days at the hospital, and transport to Lima. Then B. got better, and we finished our trip in Amazonas (Iquitos). After tree weeks in Peru we are almost satisfied, even though we have to go for another trip to see Machu Picchu…. Andre has done our itinerary and everything has worked out very well. He has our permission to make our next trip for us.

Hanne and Andreas, Norway

We thank you for all the help and support we have had from the beginning to the end. Beginning: Lunch with Andre at our job in Oslo. “100” phone-calls with Andre when our airline “Varig” broke down when we got to Sao Paolo. But we ended up in La Paz (stayed there) while our group had nice days in Ica, Nazca and Paracas. But we got reunited in Arequipa. – and from there everthing went fine!! Super program. – Andre was always there to help “finicky” and “ill” tourists – (altitude-illness, diarreah, dizzy etc). But now everybody are fine and happy, - with our memory-book full, - after days full of humour and experiences. “The highlights”: The visit of the family on Lake Titcaca, - and Machu Picchu of course! Now we are curious of how we get home… Thanks to Andre for good leading – and all the support we have received!! Peru Reiser is recommendable!!

Per Arne, Oddny, Bjørg, Hogne, Silje and Are, Norway

Thanks to Andre and Peru Reiser for our lives experience – at least until now. Throughout this trip we have experienced a whole lot: flight over the Nazca-lines, childish happiness with the sandsurfing, bird-yelling and boatrides, cultural extras at the excursions and not to mention our “meeting” with the condors, and especially the highlight in double sense at Machu Picchu. We feel that we know the country and the people a lot better than before!

Andre has never let us down and we have felt safe and well taken care of from the first to the last day. The few negative things he has hardly had any way to control it: Some illness, a long bus-ride with a bad car and a driver in another car that was hardly qualified. Nothing really.
Now we look forward to get home to a normal life with simple food and peace and tranquillity.
Thanks from us all, Andre!

Bjørn og Inger, Norway

Andre – thanks for a super – totally professional program! This has been an adventure from day one. Everything has worked out perfectly – and in this moment the tour is passing by in my mind – once again. Like we talked about I will send some photos from the tour. This has definitely given us the wish to see more – so we will come back!

Bjørn og Inger, Norway

Andre – thanks for a super – totally professional program! This has been an adventure from day one. Everything has worked out perfectly – and in this moment the tour is passing by in my mind – once again. Like we talked about I will send some photos from the tour. This has definitely given us the wish to see more – so we will come back!

Liv og Terje, Norway

Thanks for a great organized program. Everything was perfect, and the expectations to the content of the tour were fulfilled.
The highlights: Nazca, Titicaca, and Amazonas! – and the piranha-fishing! It was really funny to surf in the sand as well.
Thanks again

Rune, Spain

Peru and Peru Reiser, what can you say?
A life-investment! Definitely.
I was very excited about Peru and South America, I had only heart about it from friends and people who had been there. All they said was correct. I was received by nice and serviceable Peru Reiser at the airport in Lima and a meeting with a smiling people. The first days we got to know Lima, and the city´s lively atmosphere. Here its movement from the morning to the night. We continued to Cusco and Machu Picchu at 2400 masl, and it was an amazing sight, this valley located deep within the Andes.

City tour in Cusco was very special, we got to see everything the city has to offer, and the emotion of rising up from 2400 masl to 3900 masl was fantastic.

Peru offer high and low. From Cusco we went to Lima, to continue to Iquitos and 3 hours boat-ride into the deep jungle of the Amazone. This was the greatest thing I have experienced in my whole life!! Piranha-fishing, anaconda, searching for crocodiles in canoa upstream the Amazone-river, bird-watching and jungle-trekking. This has to be done, and I can hardly describe it. 3 days without electricity and cellphone does something good with a human being, time to think and enjoy….
After an exciting jungle-trip we went to Ica. Ica must be the paradise on earth. An oasis with a little lake surrounded by 30 houses, and a population of 60 persons. Surrounding the village there are mountain-tops of sand and desert. Then we went into the desert with boogies and snowboard (?) Yes… We were going to go snowboarding down the steep sand-hills. What an experience! Sandboard is one of the strangest things I have ever done, but unbelievably cool. The boogie-car rushed through the sand-dunes, and this is heavy stuff. In the last downhill befor we went back to the hotel was 90 degrees, and I don´t think any of the wheels touched the ground, what a kick!
Now I am sitting in Lima, and the trip has unfortunately come to an end. I have had an experience that I will never forget, high and low, and a varied program that overwhelm you. Thanks Peru Reiser and your professional people and operators. I recommend to do this once in the life.

Ellen, Norway

This is the last day after a fantastic vacation (11 days tour) in peru. Dear Andre – this is a vacation we will never forget. Hope we will be able to see you in Oslo when you come home to visit your family and to promote Peru Reiser.

Aud and Knut, Norway

11 great days, allthough it started a bit strange in lima the first night with earthquake. We got a little shock, but that was also an experience, after all I wouldn´t miss it out. The excursions has been fantastic. I have been fine with tablets for the altitude-sickness, cigars and beer (Ivar and Kjell a little sick). We are very satisfied with the travelling-program. One night in Machu Picchu “a real cowboy-town” – with a train-line and no street passing the hotel made impressions. Some of us reached the top of Wayna Picchu afer doing the sun-gate the day before. We promise to recommend Peru Reiser to others. Thanks for us.

Ivar and Kirsten, Norway

Preparing! The guinea-pig-meal in cusco was a honourable ceremony to my dear guinea-pig Kenneth who died in the year 2004.

Svein and Marianne, Norge

Most is written above. The tour fulfilled our expectations completely, and even more. The association of elderly people from Norway has had an experience for lifetime. Thanks, Andre.

Kjell, Norway

Thank you very much for a different, well arranged and exciting travel-arrangement.

Bjørg, Runar, Geir and Gry, Norge

We startet out tour with a (of our opinion) terrible busride to and from Nazca, but our experiences in Nazca were fantastic, and the hotel as well.

Further on we went to Cusco and Machu Picchu, and that was an incredible experience, especially walk the 6 hours trek on the incatrail. The sunset over Machu Picchu was huge. Our guiden on this tour was very good, nice and had sence of humour.

We hope he could affort one day come to visit us in Norway. We almost did not want to leave this place.

Guided tours in Cusco were also fine, but the guide was a little bit difficult to understand, but he was very nice. The hotel was all fine.

The bus-ride to Puno was a great difference to the awful trip to Nazca, that was probably because there were so many stops on the way.

The excursion in boats on Lake Titicaca was a nice experience, but we don't think the guide was so good. He spoke more Spanish than English. He didn't seem so enthusiastic like the other guides!! After an exhausting, exciting and funny program, we were a bit sceptical to another city tour in Lima because we were tired, but this was all positive because of a funny, good guide with very good knowledge. We took an extra-tour to the museum that was really good. Many greetings, and thanks for a great tour.

Kjersti, Norway

A fantastic tour is finishing. Amazonas, Lake Titicaca, Cusco and Machu Picchu. Mighty impressions and great variations in an exciting country full of proud history. Thanks a lot.

Olav, Norway

We had great expectations to the trip to Peru – and they are fulfilled. Good arrangement. Thanks for us.

Kathe and Ole Petter, Norway

Thanks to you Andre, shy, but always there when we needed you. – and that was pretty often. The teamwork you have with the different guides was very good. I think you must have chosen the “crem a la crem” amoung these. Very good. We will recommend this tour to many of our friends. Thanks for us.

Filip and Hege, Norway

Thank you for a very nice tour in Peru – where the impressions has met us one by one, and the experiences has been many and great. Everything has worked out perfectly – since we came to Peru – and we have had a fantastic tour.

Ina, Norway

The logistics worked out fine, and we know that there are a lot of work behind that. Good and helpful guides was like an extra “spice” on the tour. I wish you and your team good luck in the future.

Olav, Norge

Thank you for a great vacation. Everything was fine! We will recommend Peru Reiser to friends and other contacts.

Einar and Solveig, Norway

We look back to a great trip with a lot of experiences. We have seen “all” of Peru and have had a good time with the group. Andre has done a great job, and been there for us all the time, with his experience, and his way of finding solutions. Thanks for us.

Thor Helge, Norway

I have dreamt of Peru since I was a little child. I have now by help from Peru Reiser turned my dream to reality. I am impressed about the work they do in Peru. Great thanks to all. Thanks Peru.

Laila and Øyvind, Norway

Peru has been a dream for one of us longer than the other one, but we decided to make a not so common honeymoon to Peru?

After many months of planning and for us normal, but probably stupid questions back and forth, it was ready for our trip to “the land of the contrasts” 27 of june 2007. We have had a fantastic time. From the beginning to the end. Peru Reiser has done a fantastic job on beforehand, but even more down here. Everything has gone 100 % without problems, how good it is to be picked up, transported and being followed up all the time. Fantastic!

The highlight was still Machu Picchu that we finally got to visit yesterday. Totally incredible. We will recommend Peru Reiser to everyone who wants to see the real Peru. Its worth each “krone”

Ove and Annike, Norway

Finally we got to Peru!
By good help from Peru Reiser, and in very short time, you were able to make a program of 11 days for me and my daughter.
From Lima to Cusco, 2 days in Machu Picchu, further on to Puno, it was a great experience. Even though there were a lot of strikes in all of Peru, you guided us through the whole program in a professional way from day to day.
We also needed help when both me and my daughter got fever of 39 and 40 and kept in bed for 2 days. Everything was professionally organized and followed up.
Great tour and very professionally realized.
A great thanks to all, Andre, RoseMery, Victoria, Anna guides, and everyone else we have met who has made this a great and lasting memory for me and my daughter.

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